AUREA MOOD | Covid Free

OUR PERSONAL AND CUSTOMER’S HEALTH HAVE THE SAME IMPORTANCE. We would like to suggest to you some of our chairs truly and seriously able to defend the user against SARS- CoV-2.

All its surfaces can be easily sanitized with common cleaner products used at home. Soap and water, as for our hands, or diluted alcohol solution ( 20 percent water)

Our fabric AUREA MOOD (CAT 3) is a soft and elastic coated fabric, its technical features and colors make it one of a kind fabric.

It is waterproof, high resistant to mechanical tests (50 000 strokes). Aurea MOOD contains Vinyzene certified by Bio-Pruf, this special component added in the initial processing stages makes the surface more resistant to mites, micro organisms and molds, for this reason it is also suitable in hospital ambience. Aurea Mood is a soft and enveloping fabric having a very modern smooth grain first quality leather effect surface available in several trendy colors.

Aurea Mood obtained the Fire Retardant classification 1IM from Italian Ministry of Interior.

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