Wellness in office spaces, acoustical

The sound absorption in the spaces dedicated to daily work has become a necessity for the well-being of everyone. Thanks to one of our patents we have succeeded in developing an acoustic system applied to our Tendence model chairs which allows the reduction of acoustic reverberation, achieving excellent results in reverberating chamber tests. Thanks to this innovation it will be possible to correct a good part of the acoustic nuisance, thus reducing the use of other sound absorbing objects.

TENDENCE chair was tested by the Istituto Giordano in a reverberating chamber according to the UNI EN ISO 354: 2003 standard of chairs.

In a closed environment, when an acoustic wave hits a perimeter surface, a part of the sound energy is absorbed and a part is reflected. The reflected energy remains in play for a certain period of time because of the successive multiple reflections that come to fruition. This phenomenon creates an annoying echo effect. Sounds are formed by waves that tend to be reflected by rigid surfaces with limited absorbing power, such as: cement, wood, metal, marble, ceramics or glass. In environments created with these types of materials you can generate echoes and reverberations, often very annoying, which do not allow you to listen and talk in a comfortable way.

The sound-absorbing material with which the back of our TENDENCE chair is produced comes from the need to improve acoustics in these environments. When an acoustic wave propagates in a porous and elastic surface, a part of the energy that accompanies it is absorbed by it thanks to the internal frictions.

In this case the sound absorption is due to the phenomenon of viscosity: the dissipation of the sound wave occurs by transforming the sound into kinetic energy when it passes through the material.

The back surface is sound absorbent on both sides thanks to the rear opening which allows sound absorption even when the user is sitting and working. The considerable thickness of the backrest, enclosed between the two sides covered in fabric, allows the use of a quantity of porous material suitable to obtain an excellent sound absorption, as tested in reverberating room.

We do not have the arrogance to claim that the only use of our TENDENCE chairs may be sufficient to correct the echo in the offices where they are used, but we are sure that our product can be a very important help to achieving the acoustic wellness of our customers.

This belief is based on the thesis for which the absorption coefficient varies, and also sensibly, to varying the incidence angle of the sound wave, so it is important to underline, taking into account a random incidence of the sound flow, that the chair is a moving object and that, unlike the static sound absorbing panels, is used in the center of the offices, where people work and where there is a greater need to reduce the echo effect.

Thanks to its mobility, the possibility of various inclinations of the backrest, the randomness of the position, our TENDENCE seat can be struck by the sound with multiple angles of incidence, significantly increasing the absorption of sound waves not absorbed by the panels.

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